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About Fayvor

Built upon trust and community, Fayvor is a new paradigm in companion care. Offering non-medical, broad-reaching life enrichment services, Fayvor helps clients celebrate every stage of life. In addition to providing the highest quality of on-demand community Care Providers through an easy to use mobile application, Fayvor leverages technology to keep clients and their families informed.



About the Founders

As mothers depleted by injury and disease, Fayvor co-founders Dana Yobst and Ashley Hart were overwhelmed with the demands of medical treatment, family care, and parenting young children. They saw that hidden underneath the stress and chaos of overcoming life’s curveballs, there were beautiful moments of serenity and inspiration. Now, stronger than ever, Dana and Ashley created Fayvor to provide hope, serenity, stress relief, and hands-on care when it is needed the most.


Dana Yobst

In 2017, Fayvor CEO Dana Yobst and her young family donated their belongings and left a wonderful, but unfulfilling life in San Francisco for a dream adventure in South America. After two short months, the overwhelmed family took an emergency flight back to the United States to begin breast cancer treatment. Choosing family over familiarity, they settled in North Carolina and Dana immediately began crippling chemotherapy. Suffering every side-effect imaginable, the fiercely independent business woman learned to rely on others. While breast cancer resources were plentiful, Dana longed for simple-to-hire, trustworthy, comprehensive care from people who intuitively ‘got it’ and could pitch in to do the dishes or prepare belly soothing bone-broth. Emerging from active treatment a year and half later, Dana is euphoric to live another day and carve out a ‘new normal’.  With a strong drive to help families in crisis, fate aligned her with her cofounder.


Ashley Hart

Fayvor COO Ashley Hart understands the challenges of having to navigate unexpected medical complications first hand. Her first-born arrived 9 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU learning to eat on his own. Months later, he was diagnosed with a condition that resulted in stomach muscle paralysis and vomiting. Exasperated, desperate, and pregnant with her second child, Ashley took a chance on an intense out-of-state feeding program. On the second day of the program, she fell and broke both of her ankles. Wheelchair bound, she learned to rely on the help of others. She saw how hard it was to find quality care, especially at a moment’s notice, and knew that there had to be a better way.  Using the most challenging times in her life as inspiration, Ashley is excited to offer a dream come true with Fayvor.

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