Frequently Asked questions

  1. Can I use Fayvor if I’m not sick or aging?

    Absolutely! Fayvor is perfect for anyone who could use an extra set of helpful hands. From families adjusting to life with a new baby to busy professionals who don’t have time for laundry and dishes, Fayvor has you covered.

  2. Will my insurance pay for Fayvor?

    Fayvor only assists with non-medical care, so traditional health insurance carriers along with Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage for Fayvor’s level of care. However, clients with long-term care benefits are typically able to use their insurance for complete home care coverage assistance including Fayvor.

  3. Where do you currently operate?

    Fayvor currently operates in Chatham, Durham, Orange, and Wake Counties in North Carolina. Need coverage in your location? Let us know! Email us at

  4. What if I am in North Carolina, but outside the counties you operate in?

    You are always welcome to contact Fayvor directly to explain your unique circumstances. We will try our best to support you! You can email us at

  5. Do you have CNAs or RNs available to provide care?

    Because Fayvor specializes in premium non-medical services, Fayvor does not offer skilled medical CNA or RN services. 

  6. Do you provide medical care?

    Fayvor does not provide medical services. Fayvor care providers provide premium non-medical services including transportation to appointments, assistance with errands, companionship, respite care, technology assistance, light housework, and pet care.

  7. Does Bimble carry insurance?

    Yes. Bimble carries General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance. Additionally, we provide hired and non-owned auto insurance to supplement providers own policies.

  8. Will I get the same companion every time that I use Bimble?

    Bimble takes pride in matching compatible companions and clients and do our best to ensure that every match is a winner.  You may request a previous companion, but we cannot guarantee a Bimble companion availability at a specific time.  Companions are independent contractors and make their own schedules. With a little flexibility, repeat companions can be prioritized.

  9. Can I give Fayvor as a gift?

    Fayvor help makes a great gift for anyone who could benefit from an extra set of hands. Fayvor can give your loved one, co-workers, and friends the gift of time by providing a wide array of services including light housework, errand running, pet care, and more. Fayvor is a wonderful and practical alternative to giving money as it is typically difficult to spend money to improve life quality during times of high stress. Use this link to buy a Fayvor care certificate.

  10. How is Fayvor different from traditional companion care agencies?

    With 2-hour minimums, no contracts, and abundant staffing, Fayvor is very different than traditional agencies with high hourly minimums, required contracts, required in-person consultations, and lengthy lead times to source available providers.  

    While traditional agencies leverage professional caregivers with long hours and a strong chance of caregiver burnout, Fayvor’s care providers are independent contractors who work part-time to prevent burnout and remain fresh and energetic for every job. Our care providers are mostly stay-at-home parents, university students, and young retirees who are eager to form meaningful connections and assist others in their communities. Additionally, Fayvor accounts for personality when matching care providers and clients.