Why Choose Fayvor?


Premium Care Providers

  • With extensive background checks, interviews, and reference checks, we make sure that only the most trusted care providers enter your home.
  • Fayvor care providers are excited to interact with others in their communities. Because they work on a part-time basis, they are less likely to suffer from burnout and report high satisfaction rates.
  • Fayvor care providers are paid a living wage and are able to work as much or as little as they choose.
  • Fayvor is fully insured for added peace of mind.
  • Ease of Use

  • Fayvor does not require you to sign up for a pricy subscription or sign a lengthy contract.
  • Fayvor is proud to offer an industry leading, 2-hour minimum.
  • Fayvor is cash free and offers secure payment processing online.
  • Transparent communication: Before a care provider arrives at your home, a picture and biography are sent to you. We are also happy to offer communication summaries to keep loved ones informed.
  • Meaningful Connections

  • Personality, interests, and experience are considered when matching care providers and clients in order to help you feel at ease.
  • Enjoy using the same care provider time and time again or use different care providers to keep interactions new and exciting.